Hello there 2015!

Assalamoalaikum dear ghost readers,
I have no clue as to why I am writing this post when I have tons of work left before I sleep and it is way past my bedtime already. The only reason for this post being that I don't feel like breaking this harmless litttle tradition of mine.

2014 in review?
It has been great Alhamdolillah, like every year :)
-Taught my first lesson and got hooked on to teaching; kids, adults, class mates, whoever I can get my hands on.
-Grew a heart
-Lots more! Alhamdolillah

I am beginning to question the logic behind going crazy on a random night just because it has been labelled *new year*. Right now I don't have the time to give these questions much of thought. I hope this post will suffice as a tradition saver.

Probably see you again next year in sha Allah.


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